AJAX Processing

  • AJAX is based on Javascript, and the main functionality is to access the web server inside the Javascript code.
  • We access to the server using special objects; we send data and retrieve data.
  • When user initiates an event, a javascript function is called which accesses server using the objects.
  • The received information is shown to the user by means of the Javascript’s functions.

  • Independent of server technology.
  • Apart from obtaining the XMLHTTP object, all processing is same for all browser types, because Javascript is used.
  • Permits the development of faster and more interactive web applications.
  • The back button problem. People think that when they press back button, they will return to the last change they made, but in AJAX this doesn not hold.
  • Possible network latency problems. People should be given feedback about the processing.
  • Does not run on all browsers.

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