Why is Struts so Useful?

  • structural separation of data presentation and business logic
    • easy separation of development tasks (web design, database, …)
    • increases maintainability and extendibility (new views!)
    • increases reusability of code
  • Struts provides a Controller that manages the control flow
    • changes in the flow can all be done in struts-config.xml
    • abstraction from (hard coded) filenames (forwards)
  • easy localization (internationalization is more important than ever)
  • based on standard Java technologies (JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans)
    • thus running on all kinds of JSP/Servlet containers
  • open-source
    • affordable
    • no dependence on external companies
    • robustness (due to freely accessible source code)
  • open-source project with growing developer community

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