What Is Servlet and It's Advantages ?

Servlets are the components of Java that are used to create dynamic web applications. This can be run on any java enabled platform. Servlets are designed to process HTTP requests, such as GET and POST.

The Client and Server request processing using Servlet as below.
  1. A client sends a request to a servelt container, which acts as the web server.
  2. The web server searches the required servlet and initiates it.
  3. The servlet process the client request and sends the response back to the server, which is forwarded to the client.

 Advantages of Servlet:

  • Faster than CGI.
  • Platform Independent. So this can be run on any java enabled platform.
  • Used Standard vendor independent API supported by many web servers
  • Servlets are server side component. So supports security provided by web server.

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