Top 50 Struts Interview Questions with Answers

  1. What is and Why Struts ? 
  2. Why is Struts so Useful? 
  3. How is the MVC design pattern used in Struts Framework? 
  4. Explain Struts Workflow ? 
  5. What are the Core classes of Struts Framework ? 
  6. What does Controller do? 
  7. What is ActionServlet ? 
  8. Why ActionServlet is singleton in Struts ? 
  9. What Does ActionServlet Do ? 
  10. What are the Disadvantages of Struts Framework ? 
  11. Explain about Struts Config File(struts-config.xml) ? 
  12. Is Struts compatible with other Java technologies? 
  13. What is struts Config File? 
  14. What is the importance of 'action-mappings' in Struts ? 
  15. What is form-bean struts Config File? 
  16. What is the "global-forwards" in Struts Config File ? 
  17. What are the JavaBeans Scopes ? 
  18. What is ActionForm ? 
  19. What is Struts Validator Framework ? 
  20. What is ActionMapping Class in Struts ? 
  21. What is ForwardAction ? 
  22. What is IncludeAction ? 
  23. What is DispatchAction ? 
  24. Give the Details of XML files used in Validator Framework ? 
  25. How you will display validation fail errors on jsp page ? 
  26. How you will enable front-end validation based on the xml in validation.xml? 
  27. How to get data from the velocity page in a action class? 
  28. How RequestProcessor decides that validation is success or fail ? 
  29. What is the difference between ActionForm and DynaActionForm ? 
  30. Explain about token feature in Struts ? 
  31. What is the difference between DynaActionForm and DynaValidatorForm? 
  32. Is struts threadsafe? 
  33. What is the difference between perform() and execute() methods ? 
  34. What are the different types of Actions available in Struts ? 
  35. What is switch action and forwardAction in struts ? 
  36. What are the difference between bean:message and bean:write ? 
  37. Explain life cycle of ActionForm ? 
  38. Differences between web.xml and sturts-config.xml ? 
  39. How to prevent multi-click using struts tokens ? 
  40. What are the Validator Built-in Rules in Struts ? 
  41. Explain about the library tag ? 
  42. What is the purpose of Execute method of action class? 
  43. Explain about Tiles ? 
  44. Describe the basic steps used to create a tiles application ? 
  45. Give an example where struts tiles may be used? 
  46. What’s the use of Struts.xml configuration file ? 
  47. Can we have multiple struts-config.xml files in a single Struts application ? 
  48. What’s declarative exception handling in Struts ? 
  49. What is the use of file in Struts Validation framework ? 
  50. Explain about logic match tag ?

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