What are the standard actions available in JSP ?

The standard actions available in JSP are as follows:
  1. <jsp:include>: It includes a response from a servlet or a JSP page into the current page. It differs from an include directive in that it includes a resource at request processing time, whereas the include directive includes a resource at translation time.
  2. <jsp:forward>: It forwards a response from a servlet or a JSP page to another page.
  3. <jsp:useBean>: It makes a JavaBean available to a page and instantiates the bean.
  4. <jsp:setProperty>: It sets the properties for a JavaBean.
  5. <jsp:getProperty>: It gets the value of a property from a JavaBean component and adds it to the response.
  6. <jsp:param>: It is used in conjunction with <jsp:forward>;, <jsp:, or plugin>; to add a parameter to a request. These parameters are provided using the name-value pairs.
  7. <jsp:plugin>: It is used to include a Java applet or a JavaBean in the current JSP page.

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