Java interview Questions at Cityland

Company Name : Cityland Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd

Sent By : Anil Kumar

Interview Questions:
    1. Tell about your self ?
    2. Write the hierarchy of Collection framework?
    3. Explain about the Struts frameworks.
    4. What is a String in Java?
    5. What is Iterator?
    6. List some methods in the ArrayList class?
    7. What’s the difference between == and equals method?
    8. What is the difference between a Vector and an Array. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both?
    9. What does the keyword "synchronize" mean in java. When do you use it? What are the disadvantages of synchronization?
    10. What is JDBC? Describe the steps needed to execute a SQL query using JDBC?
    11. What is the ActionForm in struts?
    12. What design patterns are used in Struts?
    13. What is the default transaction attribute for an EJB?
    14. What is the difference between session and entity beans? When should I use one or the other?
    15. How you will display validation fail errors on jsp page?

Please share your faced interview questions by, which can help job seekers as well as java learners. 

Thanks Anil Kumar. All the best !!!!!!!
Now its our job to answer the above.

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