TCS Java Interview Questions

Company Name : TCS 

Sent By :  Vamshi Krishna

Interview Questions:
  1. What is inline thread ?
  2. Write a sample program using iterate through a hashmap and print values?
  3. How to sort arraylist? 
  4. what is bean managed transaction in ejb?
  5. what is named query in hibernate ?
  6. what is the use of having keyword in sql?
  7. Difference between the stored procedure and functions ?
  8. Explain various types of struts actions?
  9. who is responsible for serilization ?
  10. Is there any chance for deadlock in java ?
  11. spring simpleform controlller and method?
  12. what is webservice?
  13. What are jsp core librabries?
  14. Explain various level of synchronization?
  15. How to call stored procedure from hibernate?

Please share your faced interview questions by, which can help job seekers as well as java learners. 

Thanks Vamshi Krishna. All the best !!!!!!!
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