The interview pattern in Infosys

In Infosys, even 2 years of experienced people are having the written once u finished up the written test.u will be naviagted to the interview.The interview will be focussed on the basic concepts of java like inheritance,polymorphism and so on.
1.oops concept
3.Why multiple inheritance is not in java?
4.jdbc connectivity-u should know the steps of how to connect java with the database.
5.They will ask abt differnce between overloading and over riding.(u shoiuld be very clear in ur concept)
1.Contents of jsp.
2.elements of jsp
3.standard action types
4.implicit objects
5.difference between GET and POST
6.redirection to another url
7.set property
There may be questions about 
servlet lifecyle
dynamic pages in servlets
some important topics in servklets.
Most Important Thing:
What ever it may be ,during interview u should give them confident answers whether u r right or wrong.Always smile at the interviewers.Be cool.Then the sucess is urs.

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