Java Interview Questions for Infosys

     Infosys Java Interview Questions :
    • Tell me about yourself? 
    • Tell me about current project? 
    • Few more questions were asked on the current project
    • Explain polymorphism. 
    • Difference between array and vector ? 
    • Difference between synchronised block and synchronised method? 
    • What is the use of toString() method wrt an object? 
    • checked Exception/UnChecked Exception 
    • What is meant by reflection? 
    • Can we access private variable using reflection? 
    • Difference between Statement and Prepared Statement? 
    • What type of driver do you use and why? 
    • What are stored procedures? 
    • What is meant by Single Thread model in Servlets? 
    • What are Servlet Filters? 
    • When will the minimum no of database connection will be created in appserver? 
    • How to look up bean from java class in client? 
    • Can we have a single remote and home interface for 2 different beans? 
    • If you have to choose, will u choose CMP or BMP? And why? 
    • What is the difference between finder methods and select methods? 
    • What is the use of Local Interface? 
    • What are your strengths? 
    • What are your weeknesses? 
    • What is your lifetime goal? 
    • Why do you want to work for us? 

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